African Slaves African slaves, huddled in slave ships, died on the way to America


A large number of Africans were taken to America to work on the plantations of all kinds there. Despite the efforts of some members of the Church to improve the lives of slaves, the conditions were appalling. At a time when it was still argued whether Africans had souls, it was not normal to treat them as people.  

Living in miserable conditions, or becoming pirates, with a possibly shorter but better life. The slaves who managed to flee, had only the possibility of hiding in remote places.

By becoming pirates, in life on a ship they were treated as equals, since they shared the same living conditions and were partners in the struggle. It is estimated that at that time at least a quarter of the pirates were of African origin.

On the other hand when capturing slave ships, for some of the Africans being able to join the pirates was a great opportunity, if we compare with the miserable life that from that moment they would take in a plantation.