Daphne Wills was born on January 6th, 1982 in Venezuela. She grew up in a multicultural family, where her natural talent for writing and story-telling was encouraged from early on. Daphne studied in both America and Spain. This young author speaks three languages fluently and participated in writing work-shops and theatrical productions, where her works have been showcased, earning awards in 2004-2005.

Her passion for history and writing, especially the fascinating era following the discovery of the New World and it's impact on Europe and the American Continent, took her on a 10-year journey travelling to many destinations, including numerous Caribbean islands and Europe, mentioned in her novel to represent the time around 1580 as historically accurately as possible. The Dutch thinker, Hugo Grotius put in writing, what the history of the previous century had already established, that the sea belonged to all mankind and is universally free. He captured this brilliantly in the "Mare Liberum" Act of 1609. Her trilogy was therefore written under the main title of "Liberum 1580", taking into account that the English privateer Francis Drake arrived in London in the autumn of 1580 after circumnavigating the globe. The immense wealth he brought back, not only gave greater impetus to piracy, but also allowed England through the skillful maneuverings of Elizabeth I to become new Predominance of the Seas and centuries later a world power.

On a more personal level, she was equally intrigued and fascinated by the drive behind those common men and women to break from their punishing lives and throw themselves into the adventurous life of a pirate. The subtitle to her first book "The Golden Freedom", describes how many of these protagonists were not only motivated by desperation and personal tragedy but also by an all-consuming desire for a truly free life, with no social or racial classes, with true equality, and the irresistible lure of an immense fortune.

After finishing her studies in Business Administration, she entered the financial world and worked for important companies in Spain and Germany. Daphne is currently working and living near Zurich, Switzerland.

Daphne Wills
Daphne Wills

Liberum 1580 is a historical novel and belongs to the adventure fiction genre. It was launched on December 23rd 2013. The book plays around the piratical legends of the Caribbean. The idea of the trilogy "Liberum 1580 " builds on those legends and their history; beginning with the Spanish conquest of the newly discovered continent, then the transportation of its immense riches across the Atlantic and into Europe and finally piracies entrance onto the world stage. The Dutchman Hugo Grotius', Mare Liberum Act of 1609, still constitutes the basis for modern Sea Law.

Since the reign of the Tudor Queen, Elizabeth I, corsairs and adventurers had begun creating a new empire. When the age of piracy entered the world stage, the English monarch took advantage of it, managing to bring an end to Spanish supremacy in the West Indies. At the same time, far away from the Pirates battleground, in La Rochelle, the French capital of Protestantism, another war was taking place. Cardinal Richelieu was battling against the Huguenots. The writer recreates the reality of a time gone by, introducing us to real scenarios, legends and historical events which occurred during the period the book is based on. Having visited many of the destinations found in the book Daphne has collected much historical data from these primary sources, and also owes thanks to all the interesting people she met along the way, whose knowledge was crucial in the creation of her novel. A special mention must be afforded to the city of La Rochelle and the Islands which now make up the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands. Without them, their history and their connection to the Spanish, French, English and Dutch colonies this book may never have been written. Since its launch in 2013, "Liberum 1580", has enjoyed a great reception in social networks with tens of thousands of followers worldwide.


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The Trilogy "LIBERUM 1580"

Set against the background of 1580 and the Mare Liberum Act, this historical novel, interwoven with its real and imaginary protagonists, describes the beginning of the most revolutionary movement of a whole era, a new philosophy of life and a new form of power... PIRACY.

While the great powers of the old Continent disputed Spain's dominance on the sea and the newly discovered continent, pirates plunder one of the greatest historical fortunes known to mankind, in a bid to promote the ecomomic supremacy of both England and France.

First Book:

"The Golden Freedom"

Under an atmosphere of intrigue, revenge and malevolence in one of the most important ports of its time, La Rochelle, we follow the fascinating story of the little daughter of Dominque de L'Oix, Cardinal Richelieu's main ally and one of the most influential Governors of the New and the Old World, on the course of her fantastic life story, after she is taken away from her family.

Ignorant of her past and the XVII century refinement into which she was born, Jacqueline grows up and lives on one of the most feared Galleons of its era: The Golden Hawk. Under the care of the man, who she believes to be her father, Captain Roberts, the legendary "Scourge of the Caribbean", she turns from a little girl into a young woman, surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of the tropical seas. Adventure, love, mysteries and legends all accompany this beautiful woman,  on her way to becoming one of the most desirable women of the seas.

A most passionate love story, played out on a fantastic journey which helps her to discover not only the fabulous riches and legends of the sea but also her past, her worst enemies and finally her true identity.

Source of historical information. Mare Liberum by Hugo Grotius.

The father of international maritime law.


Can you believe it? 

Martin Campbell, the acclaimed film director from New Zealand is the first person to read the english version of Liberum 1580.

You might have seen one of his movies: Vertical Limit, Beyond Borders, Mask of Zorro, GoldenEye, Casino Royale, Green Latern... I am so excited...could it be, that after the amazing "Pirates of the Caribbean, "Liberum 1580" is going to be a historically based answer through the eyes of a beatiful young woman?

The first reader of the english version of Liberum 1580

Liberum 1580, previous edition

2013 Spanish version