Bartholomew Roberts


Perhaps Captain Jack Sparrow dominates the oceans of fame with "Pirates of the Caribbean," but long before the appearance of this famous fictional character, there were a number of buccaneers, corsairs and scoundrels who controlled the seven seas.

Over the next 5 weeks we invite you to explore some of the most famous pirates who once sailed the waters of the Caribbean.

We start today with one of the characters that are part of Liberum 1580, The Golden Freedom: BARTHOLOMEW ROBERTS or Black Bart

Bartholomew Roberts, also known as Black Bart, was a pirate for a few three years, but left his mark as one of the most successful in history, having captured more than 600 ships.

Black Bart was known for his bravery, often attacking ships much larger than his. But his reputation also spoke of a ruthless man. When the captain of a captured slave ship refused to pay the ransom, Roberts set fire to the entire ship with the slaves inside.

In addition, he had his hobbies, he used to see him very well dressed and, as a man of religion believed, refused to attack on Sundays.

Black Bart died in 1722 during a naval battle with HMS Swallow.

He was the most successful pirate in history.