Liberum 1580, a novel that will thrill you!!



"The Golden Freedom"

During a brief and intense historical moment a select group lived in true freedom. Be part of a unique period in time when a young woman forged her own legend with steel and decision, Jacqueline Roberts. Separated from her family at a tender age, she will become the legendary pirate feared by the most daring sailors. Both her love her  life and her destiny will be impacted and forged by what she was, what she is and what she will become. 

☠ "A journey whose final destination is deep within ourselves, is a journey which allows us to see our own future and by doing so, gives us the strenth to create our own destiny" ☠

Dare to leave safe harbor to enjoy the history of the most important powers during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as were Spain, France and England. Live the adventure, overcome the dangers, face your fears and arrive where no one else has come to discover the secrets that lie behind the flag of the crew of Captain Bartholomew Roberts.

There's a big booty waiting for you. Join the crew of the Golden Hawk and be part of the most exciting story of an era.