Elizabeth I (1558-1603) A Queen with vision


Elizabeth I saw the solution to her problems. Her people's future lay on the sea. There, she could find work for her idle subjects while also delivering the goods England needed.

Her aim was to provide for America and Europe and the way to do it was, steal from "The Spanish Mine."

Aristocrats believed this type of action ungentlemanly, but she involved herself wholly in contributing to the resources which favoured the corsair expeditions.

Isabel officially authorised the formation of corsair expeditions. Since the English crown was financed by individuals, it cost her nothing. But, she did receive a share of the booty extracted from the Spanish ships, on every "Licence of Corso", she bestowed.

Hawkins, one of the more famous corsairs of the time, was provided with what was the largest English ship, the "Jesus of Lubeck." It was given to him by the capitalists who financed his expeditions as a gesture of thanks for all his support.