Forced recruitment at ports 


In some countries it is especially in England, the harshness of marine life and the many dangers of the sea, so that seafarers are scarce to man and maintain ships. This was solved by the kidnapping of young people in the sea ports.

This forced recruitment turned many young men into mariners for the neglect of a night of revelry in the taverns of the ports.

Many had to devote their lives to the sea out of obligation. They began their relationship with the sea by waking in a boat in the middle of the sea without possibility to return to tread their land in a long time or perhaps never.

At other times the people who fled from the abuses of the nobles in the countryside and the harsh conditions of life, saw in the sea a way out of their problems, which turned out to be worse than expected.

The conditions in which they lived in these boats, lack of freedom, constant punishments, poor and scarce food, made them think continuously about fleeing and changing their lives. So many became pirates to see the advantages of that life.

When the pirates were aware of this situation, when they seized a ship, they recruited from their crew the strongest and most capable sailors, to replace their casualties in the approaches.