Pirate´s democratic bases half century before the French Revolution


The organisation of the pirate life was based on its democratic foundations. Half a century before the French Revolution, the pirate's misson was to create a pirate state in which the postulates of freedom, equality and fraternity became effective, serving as a precedent for the restless masses of the French people. The voting system resolved any differences, most of their wishes were imposed, even the disposal of the captain by his crew if, in their opinion, he did not meet the required standards. This system applied to thieves, murderers and informants. Those who dared to defect and denounce their former companions would be persecuted without mercy. Snitches were "marooned" which consisted of abandoning them on a desert island with no provisions other than a flask of water, a can of gunpowder and a weapon. Assassins, informants or thieves of their precious booty, were treated to the most fashionable punishment of the time: the removal of their noses and ears.