Ship Wrecks


Marine archaeology has proven that the oceans are mines of great treasures and will continue to hold and hide many more treasures for many centuries to come.

The majority of the sunken pirate ships are to be found in the Caribbean Sea and many of them still have their treasures aboard. Some sank naturally, i.e. by the forces of nature, while others were sunk following pirate or military attack.

The English Whydah-Flag sank off Cape Cod in April 1717 during a storm. In 1983 she was found by Barry Clifford. It was a well-known transportation vessel, transporting slaves, sugar, silver and gold bars and indigo and ivory from Africa to the US. Just two months before it sank it had been captured by the pirate Sam Bellamy.

A hurricane sank both the Santa Margarita and the Nuestra Señora de Atocha in 1622 off the coast of Floridaßs Cabo Hueso.

In 1631 the San Jose sank off the Pearl Islands in Panama with 700 tonnes of gold and silver bullion on board.

The Holy Trinity was shipwrecked off the Cuban coast near Havana in 1711.

Found in 1996, Queen Anne´s Revenge was shipwrecked at Beaufort Ink, North Caroline USA in 1718.

And Our Mrs De la Limpia y Pura Concepcion sank on October 31, 1641, 75 miles of the Dominican Republic´s. It was found in the 1990´s.