In 2015 a team of Madagascan underwater explorers, led by an American archaeologist found some treasure that allegedly belonged to one of the most famous pirates of all time, the Scotsman William Kidd.

Ship Wrecks


Marine archaeology has proven that the oceans are mines of great treasures and will continue to hold and hide many more treasures for many centuries to come.

The organisation of the pirate life was based on its democratic foundations. Half a century before the French Revolution, the pirate's misson was to create a pirate state in which the postulates of freedom, equality and fraternity became effective, serving as a precedent for the restless masses of the French people. The voting system resolved any...

"1718. The rum spent. The crew a little sober. Damn confusion between us. Symptoms of riot. Everyone talks about separating. I put all my urgency into searching for loot. At last we ransacked a ship with a large cargo of liquor; in this way the crew has warmed up; they are drunk; things have returned to their course again. "...

During the Golden Age of piracy, many of the voyages undertaken by privateers and pirates were encouraged by ships laden with gold, silver and precious stones. Many of these trips entailed serious difficulties, especially the routes that passing the southernmost point of the island of Hornos and the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, in the southern...

Life on board


The majority of life for adventurers was passed at sea, aboard ship. Therefore, the distribution and organisation of tasks was important. The crew of a privateer or pirate ship was composed of: